I’m a photographer, but I also use another medium, painting: I take photos, I print them and I paint on them.

After years spent taking photos and painting I came to the conclusion that I need both and they don’t need to be separate works, but I can combine my love for painting and my urge to shoot.

The idea came one day while I was trying to edit a picture digitally and I felt miserable. I’ve always been interested in experimenting with photography to investigate its potential, but digital manipulation is definitely not something for me. I’m addicted to that messy feeling of handmade works, the smells of acrylics, the rituals. I need to get my hands dirty, I need to hold a printed picture in my hands and listen to it. Some photos ask for spontaneity and immediacy, others for a more researched and planned approach. In both cases, I want to shake the controlled environment of the photo to bring it to new possibilities.

Photography is a powerful medium, it can stop time and freeze a moment forever, but it can be much more than that. It’s a window into our perceivable world and also into the other world, the personal, subjective and private one. Seven and a half billion different perceptions of one same place, seven and a half billion ways to see another human being. I want my work to make us consider the parallels and the difference between what we see and what we perceive and to do so I need to interact with the actual print.

Most of my work is with the printed picture rather than with the camera. The photo is my canvas, a canvas on which I have captured a moment in time and space, a piece of the world that will never be again, an instant of someone’s life. With the paint I interact with that moment to transport it to another timeline.

I shoot places and people and then I dig deeper to free those places and people from logic, consistency and common sense so that they can finally embrace the unpredictability and absurdity of what we call reality.

My work is not surreal, but it wants to peek behind the scenes of reality to tell stories that could not be otherwise told. With the paint I can lift a bit those curtains and relieve the photo from its heavy duty of representing existence.

I am constantly searching for new ways to extend the possibility of photography. A photo is a window on the world and for this reason it contains as potential every other art form. It includes words, music and movements, it represents every person and every place of the world. I’m currently working on a new technique to include music into my pictures and in the future, I plan to include poetry too.

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