I spent most of my life shooting and painting. When I finally realized that I need both, and they don’t need to be separate works, it set me free.

I began combining my photographs with acrylic paint, but soon I started using different paint techniques (oil paint, acrylic pens, loose pigments, paint brushes, paint knives, sponges, hands, syringes, straws…). Shortly after I started experimenting with objects and more recently also with sounds, textures and poetry.

By combining photography and painting and by including things that normally have no space in the photographic representation, I want to explore photography not only as a visual reproduction of the world, but as an actual window on our world, a window through which you can see, hear, smell, remember, imagine and dream.

The world (and ourselves in it) is made of shifting colours, untold words, images that stay forever and images that change in an instant, music, noises, silence, movements, stillness and transformations. I feel the only way I have to make sense to all of this is with the help of both photography and painting.

Photography is always my starting point as it is a moment captured in time and space, a fragment of our physical world impressed forever on paper. It can be a candid shot, a landscape or a staged photo, it always shows an instant of someone life, a place, a piece of a story.

Once I’ve taken the pictures, I print them, I interact with the prints and then I photograph them again. I feel that by interacting with the print I can finally give a form and a colour to memories, dreams, feelings, all things that were there during the shooting, but you couldn’t see.

Photography is deeply linked to the physical reality and many scholars and philosophers have discussed this topic at length, much better that I could ever do. It may be ‘the death of reality’, a ‘hyperreality’ or a ‘minute part of reality’, in any case it’s undeniable its profound connection to the world that physically exists.

With the help of painting want to bring the photograph to a parallel reality where you can see sounds, feelings, dreams, memories, and where imagination is not opposed to reality, but it is an integral part of our world and ourselves. Imagination shapes our personal reality and, for this reason, I try to give it the space it deserves in the photographic representation. Only by letting my imagination to run wild, with the help of painting, music, poetry but also objects and drawings, I feel I can make my work an inclusive and honest space that goes beyond the representation of the physical world by embracing it. 



Born on the Amalfi Cost, raised near Venice, based in London.

2016 Honourable mention – IPA International photography awards

2017 ArtAscent, Art & Literature Journal, issue 26 Abstract, pp. 30-32

2017 Shortlisted – Lucie Foundation 2017 photo made scholarship

2017 Honourable mention – Golden Orchid Photo Award, fine art category

2017 Honourable mention – International Photographer of the Year Awards, fine art category

2018 Group exhibition – Selfie 2018, Candid Arts gallery, London EC1V 1NQ

2018 Honourable mention – Neutral Density Photography Awards

2018 Wotisart? portfolio magazine, issue 12, pp. 17-18

2018 1st Prize Winner – FAPA Fine Art Photography Award, Open theme category

2018 Nominee – FAPA Fine Art Photography Award, Portrait category

2018 Nominee – FAPA Fine Art Photography Award, Photomanipulation category

2018 Online group exhibition – F-Stop magazine, Issue 89 – Altered image

2018 Blog feature – Artists Inspire Artists

2018 (upcoming 9-14 October 2018) – (In)visible, Espacio Gallery, London E2 7DG




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