My name is Mariangela, everyone calls me Mary, I’m Italian but I’m based in London and I what I do is photography and painting. In few words I take photos, then I print them and I paint on them to create a new picture.

Something about my formation: I grew up in Venice where I took my master degree in Art History. After too many different jobs in Italy, I moved to London where I found a job in travel, I started to save everything I could until I thought it was enough to go through few months without any salary in London, so I resigned. This was about 6 months ago and since then I’ve been shooting and painting and mainly researching my personal style, the reasons behind it, what I want to say through my work.

My work is inspired by human feelings and emotions which are complicated, powerful, messy and beautiful. I like to combine photography and painting because paint created a physical depth, a thickness you can actually touch and feel. It gives the pictures another dimension and creates texture. Also they are two very different mediums: a photo is just a fraction of a second, a moment captured in time and space while a painting is all about unravelling the passing time into one final image. By using two mediums so different one from the other I try to create images that, I hope, can express a variety of emotions, feelings and point of views. There is always more than what you can see and using the paint I try to bring to light feelings and desires, fears and hopes that often we keep hidden from the rest of the world and sometimes we hide from ourselves too.

In all my projects I want to tell a story. If is a portrait I want to tell the story of the person portraied in the most honest way possible. When I decide to explore a specific theme, I want my pictures to investigate that theme from several point of views, I want them to be open to different interpetations, I want them to be complete as a single images but at the same time be a fluid part of the project. 

Recently I have been featured in the August issue of ArtAscent (pp. 30-32), I’ve made the short list of the Lucie Foundation 2017 photo made scholarship and I received an honorable mention award from the Golden Orchid Photo Award 2017, fine art category.


For inquiries and commissions:

+44 787 633 7435