Photography is a window on our world and for this reason I think it contains as potential all art forms, it represents every person, every place and every point of view, and it is not a fixed image, but like our world it is constantly changing.

To be a visual window on our world is an incredibly complicated job since the world (and ourselves in it) is made of shifting colours, untold words, images that stay forever and images that change in an instant, music, noises, silence, movements, stillness and transformations.

Moreover, all these colours, images and sounds are almost always personal. They aren’t indisputable realities instead a place can have thousands of meanings according to who is living it, a music can be beautiful or annoying according to who is listening to it and there are a thousand sides of one story.

A photograph has the power to talk about every side of a story, but they are all hidden in that moment captured in time and space and now part of another timeless timeline.

With my work I try to expose what is hidden underneath the image. I want my pictures to be actual windows on our world and not only a representation of it. I want them to include also what is not visible, I want them to be fluid and to work together with the other arts.  By combining photography and other art forms and by including things that normally have no space in the photographic representation, such as our words and the sounds around us, I feel I have found my way to open that window wide and let everything is outside in.

I like working on series. In this way I can better expose the narrative potential of the image and try to reveal what is hidden underneath the first impression to make us consider the parallels and the difference between what we see and what we perceive.

To do so I physically interact with the printed picture. The medium I use more often to interact with the photograph is paint. I’ve been painting and taking pictures since I was I child so for me the fusion of these two arts has been a natural process. After years spent taking photos and painting I realized that I need both and they don’t need to be separate works. When together they can push each other to reach new possibilities.

I began with acrylic paint but soon I started using different paint techniques (oil paint, acrylic pens, loose pigments, paint brushes, paint knives, sponges, hands, syringes, straws…). Shortly after I started experimenting with objects, poetry and more recently with music and dance.

I know today it’s possible to manipulate a photograph in every way imaginable thanks to editing software, but I have decided not to use them for mainly two reasons.

First, I’m addicted to the messy feeling of handmade works, the smells of the colours, the rituals, the excitement of doing something with your hands and see the work changing into something you weren’t expecting.

Second, but not less important, I feel that digitally manipulated images can lose their original meaning. The physical world stops to exist and the only limit is the imagination. In my works I want to include the world as we can see it and the stories of the people living in it, I want to start from there and dig deeper to discover the hidden details and that lie underneath it.

I’m interested in what’s behind the scenes and by interacting with the print I try to lift a little bit the curtains of the so-called reality to make my work an inclusive and honest space that goes beyond the representation of the physical world by embracing it.

At the moment the majority of my work is digital photographs or limited-edition prints, but I’ve also worked on some original pieces acrylic and/or oil paints on prints and in the future, I’m planning to work on more original pieces.

In the future I would also like to work with larger prints. I think that by working on large prints I could understand new details that perhaps I haven’t been able to see yet. Also, the large format engages with the viewer in a different way and I would like to discover its potential.

For me it’s extremely exciting to think about new way to combine photography and other art forms. Dance, theatre, fashion, architecture, sculpture, cooking. I feel I’m just at the beginning of my work and the possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to investigate the relations between photography and new art forms, to see new sides of the story and always discover new points of view.

Awards, publications, exhibitions:

2016 Honourable mention – IPA International photography awards

2017 ArtAscent, Art & Literature Journal, issue 26 Abstract, pp. 30-32

2017 Shortlisted – Lucie Foundation 2017 photo made scholarship

2017 Honourable mention – Golden Orchid Photo Award, fine art category

2017 Honourable mention –  International Photographer of the Year Awards, fine art category

2018 Group exhibition – Selfie 2018, Candid Arts gallery, London EC1V 1NQ

2018 Honourable mention – Neutral Density Photography Awards

2018 Wotisart? portfolio magazine, issue 12, pp. 17-18

2018 1st Prize Winner – FAPA Fine Art Photography Award, Open theme category

2018 Nominee – FAPA Fine Art Photography Award, Portrait category

2018 Nominee – FAPA Fine Art Photography Award, Photomanipulation category

2018 Online group exhibition – F-Stop magazine, Issue 89 – Altered image



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