I am fascinated by portraits and currently my artistic research is mainly focused on how to express the infinite feelings and personalities each person has through images. Everyone is made of countless moments and emotions, everyone is a different person when at work, when with the family, with friends or alone. Hundreds of different personalities, thousands of different feelings always evolving. And once I’ve taken the photos I feel that each one of them tries to tell me something more and I try to translate that ‘something’ using paint. There is always more than what you can see and the paint allows me to bring to light feelings and desires, fears and hopes that often we keep hidden from the rest of the world and sometimes we hide from ourselves too.

When I take a photo I can see that picture changing, I can see it evolving through the paint until they complete each other becoming one.

Paint created a physical depth, a thickness you can actually touch and feel. It gives the pictures another dimension and creates texture. You can look with your eyes, feel with your hands and, if you get close enough, also smell the paint with your nose.

A photograph is just a fraction of a second, a moment captured in time and space while a painting requires time and the ability to unravel the passing time into one final image. A photo is now and now only, a now that won’t be ever again. A paint is a slowing evolving yesterday that flows into the present. Only by using both medium I can express my personal now, a now made also by my yesterday that I try to interpret as best as I can to make my tomorrow.



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