Venice is a city I know intimately, and I love deeply.

I don’t know how many time I’ve walked around this incredible place, and still today every time I go back, I’m completely amazed by its light.

That light penetrates everything absorbing the city in a timeless time that can only be described by the paintbrush of a painter.  In Venice everything is painting. Even architecture and sculpture have a pictorial soul: the marbles, the bricks, the geometries are made of colours and light, they are like paint spreading from its calli to the air and from the air to the hands of the painters.

You can never know for sure if what’s around you is real or an illusion. Everything around you tell you that you are in a painting but your rationality tries to convince you that you are just in another city. Perhaps you are in both: you are just in another city that happens to be made of light, shifting colours and everything works according to painting principles.

With this project I wanted to bring the pictorial essence of Venice into photography.  I focused on the water reflections through which the city shows its true soul made of light and colours and I tried to combine reality and imagination because in Venice you can never tell if you are awake or you are living in a painting. 

I took the pictures in November 2017. I converted to black and white parts of them, I printed the picture, I painted them using acrylic colours and photographed them again.